NHS Covid-19: App Users Cannot Enter Negative Tests

NHS Covid-19: App Users Cannot Enter Negative Tests

NHS Covid-19: App users cannot enter negative tests

People in England who test negative for Covid-19 will not be able to share the result with the new NHS app for England and Wales if they haven’t booked the test at all.

The app requests a code to save the result of a test. However, a code will only be received if the test is positive. Those who step in and show symptoms without entering a result find that a self-isolation countdown begins. There are also some positive results that cannot be loaded. Tests carried out as a result of surveys carried out by the Office of National Statistics and tests carried out in an NHS hospital or public health laboratory in England cannot be shared on the app, according to a, independently of the result tweet from the official app account.

It is not known how many test results would be affected.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said it was “working urgently” on a solution to the problem and would update the app. He also said manual contact trackers “will soon be able” to provide app codes when contacting someone who tested positive that way. People who have been using the app since it launched on Thursday and had already booked tests before downloading found that they couldn’t stop the countdown to self-isolation after reporting symptoms that were later found negative for being. . They don’t come with a code to share.

 How does the NHS Covid-19 app work?


“It’s so confusing the app doesn’t tell you you can’t enter a negative test posted outside of it,” said Professor Deborah Ryan, who originally contacted the BBC.

( And  app always asks you to quarantine yourself  when  you’ve entered  symptoms. )Does that mean I can’t turn off the self-isolation alarm in the app?” The self-isolation warning cannot be deactivated in this situation.

In Wales, lab test results will be accompanied by notification tokens for the app, tweeted Ifan Evans, health director for digital technology and transformation.

The Ministry of Health said use of the app was “entirely voluntary” and advice on testing or isolating could not be implemented. Tests booked through the app will automatically share results with her, he said.

According to data analyst App Annie, the NHS Covid-19 app has been downloaded around 4 million times to date.

( By downloading this app you  are  helping   protect yourself  others. )If you book your test via the app, the results are automatically saved in the app and the isolation countdown is updated.” said a DHSC spokesman. If you are asked to self-isolate for 14 days because you have been in close contact with someone who tests positive, health officials advise you to do so, even if you later test negative yourself. .


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