Find out what new features are added to WhatsApp

Find out what new features are added to WhatsApp

Find out what new features are added to WhatsApp

whatsapp new
whatsapp new

WhatsApp, the popular social media app, announced new usability features next week.


WhatsApp announced the 5 features in its blog post and said the company is always looking for new methods of user convenience.


These 5 features include animated stickers, QR codes, a dark desktop mode, group video calls and the status quo operating system.


Animated stickers

The company claims that consumers can express their feelings better with animated stickers, which is why a number of new animated stickers are added.


 QR codes

The function of QR codes is to simply add new contacts. WhatsApp has entered a new QR code for this.

This function allows the user to scan another user’s QR code and add it to contacts so that the phone number does not have to be entered.


Dark mode

WhatsApp dark mode has been added to the mobile app, but now its functionality is also provided on the WhatsApp website, meaning WhatsApp will also have a dark mode for the desktop, i.e. H. – Say the black screen.


Group video calls

As part of the new feature for group video calls, the user can view the entire user in full screen mode by briefly pressing the other user’s icon.


Similarly, a video icon is provided in group chats to start a one-click group video call. However, it is only displayed in groups of 8 people or less.


Low operating system status


Kum Kai OS users can take advantage of this popular feature to exchange updates that disappear after 24 hours.


WhatsApp announces that all of these features will be added to users in the latest version of WhatsApp in the coming weeks.


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