Are one-handed gaming keyboards worth it?

Are one-handed gaming keyboards worth it?

Are one-handed gaming keyboards worth it?

There are many ways to control your games on PC. Keyboard and mouse are the gold standard, but you can also plug in a gamepad or VR motion controller. So what about a one-handed gaming keyboard?

It might seem strange at first, but there are good reasons for gamers (and some professionals) to invest in one of these cut keyboards. If the idea intrigues you, dive into this niche gaming peripheral.

What is a one-handed keyboard?

The concept of a one-handed gaming keyboard is pretty simple. It’s basically a keyboard that only offers one-handed keys. It is not a substitute for a regular full-size keyboard, but this concept has good uses.

One-handed keyboards offer several advantages in terms of cost, performance, and space requirements that a standard keyboard cannot. Before we discuss the pros and cons, it’s worth looking at the basic variants of one-handed keyboards that you find in nature.

 Types of keyboard keys for one hand

There are two main approaches to designing a one-handed keyboard. The simplest, and usually cheapest, approach is to create a pad that looks like someone was holding a knife for a full-size keyboard. The keys have the same labels and layout as the left-most part of a standard keyboard.

Which makes the transition easier.

The other main focus is on a special pad with custom controls. These can be scroll wheels, direction buttons, thumb buttons, etc. These pads are also usually more ergonomic and play much less on a standard keyboard. This has many advantages, but it also takes more getting used to. The best example of this design right now is the Razer Tartarus. We have used both the Tartarus v2 and the Pro and rate them highly.

 Types of switches

As with any gaming keyboard, one-handed keyboards offer a variety of options when it comes to the type of key switch. The cheapest products use membrane keys. Then there are also membrane mechanical buttons that give the feel of mechanical switches but still use membrane switch technology as part of the design.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of one-handed gaming keyboards is cost. If you have a keyboard that uses high quality switching technology and keys, it is much more expensive to upgrade to a full 101-key keyboard. Many gaming keyboards take care of this by only having keys that are normally used while gaming.

The problem with this is that you end up with an unbalanced keyboard. So if you plan to use it for other tasks like writing or general productivity, it isn’t fun to use. This is a good reason to consider a one-handed keyboard. You can just sit next to your usual keyboard and be ready to play at any time.

What are the downsides?

The main disadvantage of this type of gaming keyboard is that it is not suitable for games that use keyboard shortcuts frequently. Typical games that come to mind are certain real-time strategy games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

One-handed keyboards just don’t have enough keys. Of course, nothing prevents you from using your usual keyboards for such shortcuts alongside your gaming keyboard.

There can be a pretty steep learning curve with one-handed keyboards too. Years without learning the traditional keyboard and mouse game won’t happen overnight.

If you’re using something like a Tartarus that only has customizable keys, you’ll also need to spend some time setting up your keyboard the way that is convenient for you. You can use existing control templates to get the most out of your device. However, you need to make adjustments by title.

Who Should Buy a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard?

If you know what a one-handed keyboard is, should you buy one? Given its strengths and weaknesses, we should consider the following types of users:

. People who oppose the cost of high-end gaming keyboards

. Gaming laptop user

. Users with ergonomic problems with standard keyboards when gaming

 Players looking for an advantage


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