Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe As An Alternative To Smoking?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe As An Alternative To Smoking?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe As An Alternative To Smoking?


San Francisco

is the first city in the United States to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes. However, the UK health service is using it to help smokers quit, which raises the question of whether electronic cigarettes should be banned. What is the truth behind the idea that cigarettes are safe?


How do electronic cigarettes work?


Electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes

generally heat a solution that contains vegetable glycerin in addition to nicotine and propylene glycol.


Users inhale its vapors, which also contain nicotine, a medication found in cigarettes.

However, nicotine is relatively less harmful than many toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke, such as tar and carbon monoxide.


Tobacco in normal cigarettes kills thousands of smokers every year, but unlike tobacco, nicotine does not cause cancer.


For this reason, the NHS has used nicotine replacement therapy in the form of special gums, skin patches and sprays for many years to help people quit smoking.


Is there a risk of using them?

Doctors, health professionals, cancer organizations and UK governments all agree that electronic cigarettes pose a much lower risk than existing cigarettes.


According to an independent study, electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. “Electronic cigarettes can fundamentally change public health,” said Professor Ann McNeil, author of the magazine.


However, this does not mean that they are completely safe.


Electronic cigarettes can contain vapor and liquid vapors, albeit in very small amounts, but with potentially harmful chemicals.


In a preliminary laboratory study, British scientists discovered that steam can damage the immune cells in the lungs.


Although the study of the potential health effects of these vapors is preliminary, experts agree that they are less harmful than cigarettes.


Are the fumes harmful?


There is currently no evidence that they can harm other people.


The health risks of electronic cigarette smoke are almost non-existent compared to the proven damage that cigarette smoke causes to other people.

Are there any rules regarding content?

The United Kingdom has stricter electronic cigarette content laws than the United States.


For example, in the UK, electronic cigarettes have a nicotine limit for safety reasons, but not in the United States.


In addition, there are strict rules in Britain about how they can be advertised and where and to whom they can be sold. The sale of these cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.


Is Britain taking a different path from the world?


The UK has a very different position from the United States in terms of electronic cigarettes, but its position is very similar to that of New Zealand and Canada.


The UK government believes that electronic cigarettes are important to quit smoking and the National Health Service (NHS) could consider offering them free of charge to those wishing to quit.


Compared to San Francisco, there is no way to ban electronic cigarettes here.


Instead of reducing the number of smokers, the aim is to prevent young people from smoking electronic cigarettes.


A recent report from Public Health England found that smoking cessation was a major cause of the use of electronic cigarettes.


According to the report, there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes encourage young people to smoke.

Electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes

It also seems that electronic cigarette laws could be relaxed in the UK.


As the smoking rate in the UK drops to 15%, a committee of parliamentarians has proposed reducing the ban on electronic cigarettes in certain buildings and in public transport.


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