Nowadays, smartphone apps help us a lot in making our daily lives much more productive. We use apps to write down our daily chores, wake us up earlier, and draw more attention to our studies.

In addition, we have selected the 5 best apps for September 2020 that will significantly increase our productivity. Now is the time to double our productivity with the 5 Best Apps of September 2020.

Today in this article we are going to introduce you to our 5 best Android apps of September 2020, always favorites. Link of the 5 best apps of September 2020 from the Play Store to keep all readers safe. So without further ado, let’s start with the 5 best apps for September.

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Top 5 applications from September 2020


top 5 applications from September 2020


.1 Squid

.2 bamboo paper

.3 Reminder of task list with widget

.4 Using the application

.5 Replica: my AI friend


Top 5 applications for September 2020

Here are the 5 best-chosen apps to make your job easier.


We can’t keep a journal and newspaper all the time to take notes or do something important. In these circumstances, Squid will help us. Squid is a vector app that allows us to write important things on our device. Squid plays a similar role to our laptop.

With an integrated eraser we can quickly erase letters and words. Squid is easy to use and has a minimal user interface. We can change the color and thickness of our handwritten texts and even resize them without losing quality. In addition, Squid offers various forms for exporting our handwritten notes in PDF, PNG and JPEG format.

The reason we added Squid to the list of Top 5 Apps for September 2020 is because of its more convenient and efficient features. Let’s move on to the next useful app in the list of Top 5 Apps for September 2020.


Bamboo paper

With bamboo paper we can turn our smartphones and tablets into paper and capture our ideas, thoughts and opinions anywhere and anytime. With the help of bamboo paper, we can quickly take notes, just like with a real pencil and paper. This app gives us 36 color options or we can use our custom color palettes as well. We can also add pictures to our pages and draw or write on the pictures.

To-do list reminder with widget

The best thing about this app is that it is an India made app. If you have a hard time remembering dates and tasks well, you can try making a list reminder app. With the help of To-Do List Reminder we can plan our daily tasks effectively and efficiently. It also has a smart home screen widget feature that will instantly show your to-do list on the home screen. In addition, we can assign and create different categories for our daily tasks. This app efficiently organizes our tasks by day, week and month. Now let’s move on to the next useful app in the list of top 5 apps for September 2020.

App Usage

Smartphones play an important role in our daily life, but most of the time we don’t use them properly. App Usage is a powerful app for managing device usage. It collects our phone usage data, such as: B. App usage history, the most frequently used apps and much more. It also determines the data on how many times we checked our phone per day. We can use apps to find out where we spend most of our time. Using Apps has an amazing one touch uninstall feature that allows us to uninstall multiple apps at the same time. This app is a must have because being productive is always the best.

Replica: my AI friend

AI is becoming more and more useful to do our daily chores. Replika is a number one chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Replika is an AI chatbot that can connect emotionally with anyone. People use replicas to develop their personalities while some tell you about their feelings. It’s also used for fun and anxiety reduction. To start with, we can choose what kind of relationship we want with Replica, such as friend, romantic partner, mentor, etc. This app is useful when you want to build your confidence and get comfortable with conversations with much smarter people.


Replica was the last app on the Top 5 Android Apps List in September 2020. They’re productive and indispensable apps on the Top 5 Android Apps List in September 2020. That’s enough for this article and we hope you enjoyed it like. enjoyed. Top 5 Apps of September 2020. Comment your favorite app among the 5 Best Apps of September. Until then, take care and enjoy these apps.


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