3 cool gadgets ;The best new tech for 2020

3 cool gadgets ;The best new tech for 2020

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME
Zoom for Home – DTEN ME

If “new normal” means more time to chat with colleagues and family online, you are probably used to calling using the Zoom video conferencing app.


Laptops and cell phones seem to work well with us, but the other idea is Zoom. They thought it was wise to launch a large 27-inch touchscreen to make zoom calls easier.


It contains three wide angle cameras for high-resolution video calls, a set of eight microphones for clearer sound and can be used independently of any other device, as well as a second monitor.


Assuming we are all trapped at home for the predictable future, you can buy one from August.



$ 600 (UK price £ TBC), zoom.us


Build your own telescope

 Build your own telescope

Build your own telescope


Do you or the kids love astronomy, but are you ashamed to think of injecting yourself into an expensive telescope?


Building your own cardboard telescope cardboard is a great way to start star gazing on a budget.



With the exception of lenses and mirrors, the kit is made entirely of durable cardboard and is designed to fit without glue. Admittedly, this is easier said than done,


as there are occasional seams that I find difficult to do on my own, making it difficult for an 8-year-old to do without the help of an adult. .


However, once everything was in place (with the help of a small tape due to my lack of skills) it was worth the effort to attach it to the “wow” moment I had I finally made it. I can enter. .


The result is a 72 cm telescope with a sliding focus tube, a viewfinder and an angle finder.


The view of the moon through a telescope I built is magnificent, and at 16x magnification the view is clear enough to identify craters invisible to the naked eye.



As difficult as it is in its construction, this cheap telescope seems to be a great way to give outstanding astronomers a chance to strike. – Sara Rigby


£ 19.99, buildyourownkits.com, buy now on Amazon UK


HyperX Wireless Gaming Setup (cool gadgets)

HyperX Wireless Gaming Setup (cool gadgets)
HyperX Wireless Gaming Setup (cool gadgets)


HyperX is a big name in gaming peripherals (they also have their own eSports arena in Las Vegas),


so it’s no surprise that their kit is at its peak in terms of quality and functionality. Your wireless devices will not fail.



First of all, you need 7.1 headphones, and the HyperX Cloud Fight S headphones offer great surround sound.

You can control the chat / audio balance through the headset, ideal for important mission strategy briefings without interrupting the game, and rotating headarm earmuffs allow you to sit comfortably around your neck . Break (or snack). ).


The buttery softness of the leather sleeves and the memory foam make them luxurious and very easy to use, even for day and night marathons.


They are heavy to hold firmly when sitting on the dock. but not too difficult. it becomes uncomfortable after a few hours of uninterrupted use.


The calming design of the HyperX Pulsefire Dart is ergonomic and has comfortable handles made of synthetic.

It is heavy and “stable” in the hand, but can easily slip over your desk. The fun part: you can customize the RGB lighting using NGENUITY software.


The battery life of the headset and the mouse is longer than that of a PS4 controller and can be charged wirelessly simultaneously with the elegant Base Chargeplay.

As an added bonus, you can charge any Qi-enabled device when you are busy destroying zombies. – HS


Cloud Flight S £ 149.99, Pulsefire Dart £ 89.99, Chargeplay Base £ 49.99, hyperxgaming.com, buy now on Amazon UK, Argos and Currys


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